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Slot Machine Basics

Everything you ever wanted to know
about slots and slot machines.

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Slot Machine Basics
How to Play Slot Machines

Types of Slot Machines
Classic Slot Machines
Bonus Slot Machines
Fruit Machines
Loyalty Slot Machines
Multipayline Machines
Progressive Slot Machines
Video Slot Machines

Parts of a Slot Machine
loyalty card slot
Cash Tray
Insides / RNG

Slot Machine Symbols
Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
Multiplier Symbol
Bonus Symbol

Slot Machine Features
Free Spins
Bonus Games
Gamble Features

More Slot Machines
History of Slot Machines
Payout Rates
Slots Strategy
Slots Tips
Online Slot Machines
Mobile Casinos
Free Slot Machines

Mobile Slots VS Desktop Slots

As many visitors to our site knows, slots are extremely fun which makes them one of the most popular types of games at an online casino. Just like the rest of the world of online gaming and the rest of the world in general online casinos are moving ever more so towards mobiles and mobile computing as a whole. As such there are more and more slots games that are becoming available from mobile devices such as the iPhone and all the Android devices that are flooding onto the market.

Desktop Slots
For a long time slots have been one of the most popular online casino games, there is a massive variety of slots games available covering just about every theme you could think of. Over the years the graphics on the slots games have been getting better and better with a good number of them now classed as 3D games they are really leading the way with new technology and enhancing the online casino experience. While the online casinos are getting bigger and better slots games with better graphics and more interesting bonus games they are still managing to keep the download times of the games to a minimum, just about all of the casinos such as 21nova casino have a now download version which is typically flash based so all you need is flash and your away.

Mobile Slots
Everyone knows mobile computing is big, with tablets well on the way to overtaking desktop sales and the number of apps for mobile devices spiralling out of control it can be said that it has taken a little while for casinos to move into the mobile world, but this in not to say that they haven't, it is just to say that they took their time getting up to speed and getting a solution that was good enough to compete with the desktop version of the casino. We are glad to say that there are now many casinos that have jumped on board and started recreating their most popular slots games onto their mobile platforms so that you can play your favourite slots game anywhere and whenever you like.

The inclusion of mobile technology at the casinos is definitely picking up pace with more and more games being added all the time it is definitely worth trying them out and keeping an eye on them, some casinos also have bonus offers that are specific for players playing on their mobile platform.

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