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Slot Machine Basics

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Bonus Game Features

Diagram of a bonus game

Above is a diagram that represents a simple pick an object style bonus game. The player triggers the bonus feature by getting 3 bonus symbols on the reels and the player then gets to choose 3 stars out of 5. Each star chosen will reveal a cash prize.

The Bonus Game Feature

A bonus game feature is a feature that is often favored by slots players as it often means that players have the chance to win extra prizes.  Bonus games differ from slot to slot, but they always spice up the gameplay and provide players with a more interactive gaming experience.

The first slot machine to offer a bonus round on a second screen was Reel Em In and this slot was produced by WMS industries in 1996.  This video slot is still popular in casinos today and it is now available in the original 9 payline version as well as newer 15 and 20 payline versions.

The popular bonus game in Reel Em In is a fishing feature that is played on a second screen and it gets triggered when 3 or more scatter symbols land in any position on the reels.

In the bonus game you are shown a selection of fishermen and you need to choose your man. Your fisherman of choice then casts his line and reel in to the water and he catches a fish. The size of the fish dictates the size of your payoff.

This is a radical departure from simply hitting the spin button and watching the reels spin! In fact, the bonus game is a feature that encourages players to play on as it is always exciting when the bonus game is triggered and it usually guarantees a payoff. 

Examples of Bonus Games

Let’s look at a couple of other examples of real slot machine bonus games. If you want a slot with a fantastic bonus game then Rival iSlots are a good bet. Rival iSlots are some of the freshest and most innovative online slots around at this present time.  They blend a character driven film type story line with an interactive slots game with bonus games and free spins and there is an interactivity that is like a computer game.

Another such islot called "As the Reels Turn 3" features a great bonus game called the Danny’s Costumes Bonus and the concept behind it is rather unusual. When a player gets 3 “Advance to the next screen symbols” this bonus game is activated. 

This bonus game is great fun; you get to select his outfit for Danny’s hot date! You are awarded points on the basis of how good his outfit is so you need to make sure your fashion sense is up to date!

Another example of a bonus game is The Choose an Egg bonus game in Golden Goose Crazy Chameleons online slot machine.  In this slot machine the bonus game can only be played if you activate all paylines. After each spin a golden goose appears randomly and gives you entry in to one of the bonus games.

In the Choose an Egg bonus the reels become filled with golden eggs and you then click on eggs to reveal values which are displayed behind the eggs.  The wins are then totaled together and added to any other wins.

Golden Goose Crazy Chameleons actually has 4 bonus games and multiple bonus games in video slot machines is not uncommon.  In fact multiple bonus features often appear in video slots and online slots.  There are slots available with a free spin, gamble feature and bonus game such as Bearly fishing, Kathmandu and Stunt Pilot.

Skill Based & Pick an Item

Bonus games usually fall in to one of two categories; skill based and pick an item.  A great example of a skill based bonus game is the Rocket Racer bonus feature in the iSlot Cosmic Quest 2.  You need to direct a rocket ship through a series of caves in much the same way as you would play an arcade game. You are awarded coins depending on how well you play.

A good example of a pick an item style bonus game is the Pick an Egg bonus game in Golden Goose Genies Gems.