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Slot Machine Basics

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Gamble Features

Diagram of a gamble feature on a slot machine

An extremely popular feature in online slot machines is the gamble feature, also found on UK style fruit machines it allows a player to gamble from the payoff they receive from a winning spin.

In the diagram above you can see an example of what a typical slot machine gamble feature might look like. This is the sort of gamble feature where players have to guess the correct colour or suit of a card to increase their winnings.

This gamble feature is a select a card style gamble feature; the choice is in the form of picking a red or black card or guessing the correct suit.  If the colour of the card is guessed correctly the winnings are usually doubled. If the suit is guessed correctly the winnings are usually quadrupled. This feature is common in online slots that are produced by the software provider Microgaming.

Fruit Machine Gamble Features

In fruit machines players get to choose to gamble any of their winnings when they get a payout, Alternatively they can also choose to continue with the game and not utilize the gamble feature. The winnings are gambled with the Hi Lo feature which is selected by pressing the button and you have to guess whether it will land on Hi or Lo.

The Gamble feature is not limited to land based fruit machines, in fact, online fruit machines powered by Microgaming or Cryptologic will also have a gamble feature.  A gamble feature is one of the features that almost always present for a slot to be classified as a fruit machine.

It is not just fruit machines that come with gamble features.  Other types of slot machines can also have gamble features.