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Slot Machine Basics

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Slot Machine Strategy

Whether or not it is it possible to use a slot machine strategy to maximise your winning chances is a question that many slots players have pondered upon. There are many tips for slots players and many players have their own opinion on what works best.

Unbeatable Games

There are casino games that are known as unbeatable, because in the long term there is a mathematically negative expectation on your return.  Such games will always have the house edge and slots games are one of them.  However, it is possible to win and win big in the short term.  Games like blackjack can have a positive expectation, but this is only the case if you are using card counting techniques and similar strategies.  As slot machines use a random number and the outcome of any spin is random no such strategy can be employed.

Myths & Misconceptions

Despite the RNG technology used in slot machines today many players still cling to the belief that if a slot machine is not paying out then a payout must be due.  Many players will then begin to wager more money in the belief that the elusive payout is imminent.

This notion is completely unfounded in reality as all outcomes of spins are completely random so any slot machine that is not paying out is equally as likely to continue to not payout.

Hot and Cold

A Cold slot is another term for a slot that is not paying out.  Due to the RNG sometimes no matter how many spins you have there is no winning combination.  A wise slot player will set themselves a number of games or spins on a new machine and if there are no winning combinations they will walk away from the cold slot.  Most players employing this strategy will set themselves a number of spins, usually between 7 and 14 and if they haven’t won anything they move on.

However, hot slots payout and they are paying out at that particular point in time because that is what the RNG is dictating. Experienced players will take full advantage of this and stick with the hot slot until it stops paying out.  So, do not walk away from that hot slot.

Set a Limit

Probably most important of all is to set your limit for the day.  Before you start playing the slot machines set yourself a limit of how much money you are prepared to lose.  When you reach that limit instead of paying the cashier a visit go home or leave the virtual casino, no excuses!

Winning a Progressive Jackpot

Although as stated above the chance of a slot giving a winning spin or a losing spin remain the same when a slot with a progressive jackpot has a particularly high progressive jackpot many players will keep playing. On the one hand these players have no more chance of winning than when the progressive jackpot had just been reset. But on the other hand if they do win whilst the progressive jackpot is higher than its norm, they will win a much greater amount.

For example lets say XYZ Progressive Slot Machine currently has a progressive jackpot that stands at $2,500,000. Now if we told you that XYZ Slot Machines previous highest ever progressive jackpot payout was $1,000,000 and that its average progressive jackpot payout was $800,000, and that when the jackpot is won the progressive jackpot starts at $100,000. You can start to see why betting a $1 spin (or even hundred $1 spins) could be seen as better value whilst the jackpot is so high. Of course that value is only realised if the player wins the top progressive jackpot. But it is this temptation and excitement that