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Slot Machine Basics

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Everything you ever wanted to know
about slots and slot machines.

Slot Machine Parts

It can be hard to get your head around all the slot machine jargon when you are a beginner; it also helps to understand how a slot machine is put together and how it works. This is why we have provided new players with a comprehensive guide to slot machine parts; by the time you have finished reading you will know exactly what reels are and you will be able to tell your random number generator/RNG from your cash tray!

Reels - This page explains all about slot machine reels.

Paytable - A page that gives an in depth guide to paytables.

loyalty card slot - This pages tells you what the loyalty slot is.

Cash Tray - A page that explains what a cash tray is.

Insides / RNG - A page that explains all about RNG's or random number generators and the insides of a slot machine.