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Slot Machine Basics

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Loyalty Card Slot

diagram showing a loyalty card slot

The diagram above is of a slot machine, the expanded area to the right shows where the loyalty card slot is, it is the vertical slot next to the reels. This is where you put the loyalty card and the slot for coins or tokens is just below the loyalty card slot. The design of slot machines varies, so the loyalty card is not always in exactly the same place on all slot machines, but it is always easy to find when you know what you are looking for.

A common practice in land based casinos is for players to be issued with loyalty cards and a player will put their card in the loyalty card slot on a slot machine or a table before playing a slot machine or table game and the card keeps track of how much money a player is spending. 

This is the slot in the slot machine and this is an exceedingly important part of the slot because loyal players can be rewarded with fabulous bonuses by casinos. This is done by the player earning points as they play.

Vegas Loyalty Cards

Casinos in Las Vegas are usually hotels and a player staying in Las Vegas has many casinos at their disposal. There is nothing to stop a player visiting and playing at other casinos so casinos persuade their hotel guests to play at their casino using the loyalty cards.

Players who use their loyalty card in their casino may be rewarded with an upgrade to a better room, extra nights in the hotel or perhaps concert or show tickets. Sometimes they may end up being rewarded with their hotel bill being brought right down to zero. This could mean that next time a player is visiting Las Vegas they return to the same hotel and casino.

Online casinos run similar schemes where the more you play the more bonuses and rewards you get. As online casinos run over the internet and are digital, all transactions are 100% safe and secure as long as you play at a reputable, established online casino.