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loyalty slot machines

Diagram of a Loyalty Card Slot

Loyalty slot machines operate on a popular theme that you will notice in both land based and online casinos. Above you are able to see a diagram that shows a number of greyed out symbols above the reels. The player needs to collect 6 pink star symbols and every time one of these star symbols lands on the reels one of the greyed out rectangles at the top of the reels becomes illuminated. Once all symbols are illuminated a loyalty jackpot can be won. At the moment one rectangle is illuminated.

What is Classed as a Loyalty Slot Machine?

The important point to remember with a loyalty slot machine is that it has a feature or features that encourage players to keep playing that particular slots game. In other words, they make it worth your while. The idea is that the more you play the more chances there are for you to win.

For example, you may have to get a certain amount of symbols on the reels to trigger a certain bonus feature. This is very different to the way a bonus feature is usually triggered, as the symbols are collected over a number of spins and you need to keep playing until all the symbols are collected before the bonus feature is triggered.

Important Loyalty Slot Machine Considerations

Slot machines in land based casinos often have loyalty features and it is important to remember to get enough tokens at the ready if you want to play a loyalty slot machine. For example if a slot machine has 6 loyalty symbols to collect and the player has collected 4 symbols so far. They are well on their way to triggering the loyalty bonus feature and winning some extra prizes, if they run out of tokens they will need to visit the cashier.

However, then the unthinkable might happen; someone else hops on to the slot machine. The new player only needs to get 2 more loyalty symbols and they will reap the benefits of the other player's wagers. So, to avoid this painful situation it is best to prepare yourself!

Online Loyalty Slot Machines

One good thing about loyalty online slot machines is that no one else will jump on your slot if you visit the cashier and yes, there are plenty of loyalty slots games available online.

Again, you will need to continue playing until you are eligible for the reward in question. Some good example of loyalty slot machines that you can find online are Star Catcher and Light Speed.

Its Good To Be Bad is a 3 reel classic online slot and you need to bet all 3 coins to qualify and you win free spins from your losing spins.

Another great example is Super Diamond Mine and once a player has collected 99 diamonds they get to win extra prizes in the bonus game.

Casinos and Loyalty Cards

The concept of the loyalty slot is along the same lines of a Casinos loyalty card. Players are issued with loyalty cards and a player can swipe their card at a slot machine or a table before playing. The card keeps track of how much money a player was betting.  Casinos in Las Vegas are usually hotels and they reward their players for playing at their casino (rather than another one down the road) with extra nights, concert tickets and other goodies!